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Nimrat Kaur and the (other) Lunchbox

Hi all!

Most of you must have watched The Lunchbox by now – the kind of accolades and popularity this movie has received is just wonderful!

I might be the only critic, but I didn’t like the movie that much. The loneliness, the sadness, the elements of melancholy was just too much for me.  If this is a slice of real life, then it has too many shades of grey…:(

I guess I’m one of those people who watch movies for the fantasy, the songs, the larger-than-life sets, basically the works! Give me reality and I wilt like blanched spinach.

But that’s not the point – the point is that if you’ve watched the movie, you cannot help but admire the heroine – Nimrat Kaur. An army brat and a graduate of SRCC, Nimrat was into theatre before she got a break with The Lunchbox, and I must say, she played the role of Ila, the neglected wife, to perfection. The devotion with which she prepared her husband’s dabba can make you start feeling hungry in no time. Remember how she made paneer kofte? I just had to have them too once I got home.

Interestingly, this is not the first dabba that Nimrat has been in-charge of.  In this ad for Fortune Cooking oil, she plays an adorable sister who surprises her younger brother and his friends with delicious home-cooked matter-paneer. Have a look:

What is with Ms. Kaur and food? In this ad for Cadbury Silk, she makes us drool over a delicious bar of chocolate. Notice how her smile reaches right up to her eyes…what an expressive face! lovely!!!

I think she should carry this association with all things edible further and launch her own line of food products – you know, something like Mrs. Kaur’s Crepe’s? How about Nimrat Kaur’s range of organic pickles? Or oatmeal cookies? I’m sure it will be a runaway hit. Not convinced? Watch this video of Nimrat’s paneer kofte and then we’ll talk…:)

By the way, what was in your lunchbox today?  🙂


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