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Salute to the soldier on 65th Republic Day


J A I H I N D !!!

Greetings on India’s Republic Day, the 65th anniversary of the historic moment when India became a Republic and its Constitution came into force. In India, this day is a national holiday, a day given to citizens to reflect upon what it means to have the freedom to live life on their own terms. It is also the day of the Republic Day parade, a showcase of India’s military prowess, a pageant so unique and awe-inspiring that one can never tire of it.

Most households wake up to watch the Republic Day Parade, held on the Rajpath in capital city Delhi, telecast live on the public broadcaster of India – Doordarshan. For me Republic Day is all about the soldier, not essentially the ones who participate in the parade, but the countless others, who put their personal lives aside for the benefit of the Indian citizens. Every single soldier, across the ranks, has worked to give the Army/Air Force/Navy its unique identity with dignity and valour. I salute their spirit and honour. Salute!

I have had the good fortune to watch the parade in person at the Rajpath a couple of times. There are marching regiments, musical bands, army tanks and other war machines, aircraft display and tableaux of different states. My favourite part is the BSF camel contingent – a glorious caravan of the proud animals, resplendent in bright colours, typical of the desert where they come from. They walk with amazing precision and look soooo cute!

Aren't they colourful?

Aren’t they colourful?

There are some people, like myself, who perpetually wear our patriotism on our sleeves. But there are several others also, in this country, for whom their love for their country lies dormant and buried somewhere under the stress and grime of everyday life. For those people, there are a few songs from Bollywood here that will make their hardened souls stir with emotion. Listen on!

Kandhon se milte hain kandhe
Film: Lakshya

Loved the movie, love this song

Desh mere desh mere…
Film: The Legend of Bhagat Singh

The magic of A R Rahman’s music gives you goosebumps and brings tears to your eyes. But so soul-stirring!

Bharat Humko Jaan se pyaara hai
Film: Roja

With A R Rahman’s music, and Hariharan’s deep, honeyed voice, this song just makes me proud of being an Indian!

Sandese aate hain
Film: Border

The song that reminds you that the soldier is also a human being and has feelings as well. One song that you have to sing with a lump in your throat.

Ai mere pyaare watan
Film: Kabuli wala

This song is old, the film released in 1966, but I’ve been hearing it since my childhood, and it moves me – every. single. time.

There are scores of other patriotic songs, and the Indian film industry has several movies about war heros and life in the defence forces. If you have any favourite, please do share the link in the comments section. Cheers! :)))

Images courtesy: Google, not owned by me.


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