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The Week That Was: Vol 2

Hi there people, hope you had a good week. I think there’s something about February, coz this month is jam-packed with lots and lots to do. Birthdays, parties, shopping trips, meeting friends, my calendar is FULL!! And yes, I’m really glad it is like this…so here’s a quick recap of the Week That Was ๐Ÿ™‚

1. My favourite store for Indian ethnic wear – Meena Bazaar – was on sale, and this is one sale you should never miss. If you are looking for heavy sarees, pretty dress materials or bridal wear, Meena Bazaar should definitely feature on your list. They have such vibrant colours, and the craftsmanship is superb. For an upcoming wedding in my family, I picked up a deep mauve saree (to gift to the bride) and a celeste blue salwar kameez unstitched suit piece for myself. Aren’t the colours pretty?

The sale's on at Meena Bazaar

The sale’s on at Meena Bazaar

2. I had the chance to visit the temple town of Vrindavan for a day trip. While the trip itself was a bit tiring, I did spend a little time in the ISCKON temple there. ISCKON or the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. They have built a beautiful marble temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, and being part of the aarti there gave me a few moments of peace. But what I really liked were the beautiful paintings of Radha-Krishna on the walls of the compound.

The divine couple

The divine couple

However, visit any temple town, whether it is Vrindavan or Shirdi or Puri or any other, and you cannot help but feel a tinge of sadness at the sight of so many homeless and lonely people. Some abandoned by their families, some who have chosen to renounce everything…it does shake your faith a bit. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

3. Hmmm…how can a post by a foodie like me go without something on food? While at the ISCKON temple, I visited their bakery. As they have so many people from different countries, they have a slightly varied menu, with apple pies and pizzas on offer. The food was average in taste, but quite a pretty sight, wasn’t it??? ๐Ÿ™‚

Hungry anyone?

Hungry anyone?

4. Please allow me to introduce you to the great Indian art of dying our dupattas (scarves) and other dress materials. Visit any market, identify a store selling dress materials, and chances are you will sport a person dying fabrics, at the back of the store. It’s so common and very very inexpensive, but it’s a great skill, something that Indian women rely upon a lot!


Step 1: This is my cream dupatta with gold zari work. The fabric is called chanderi. I wanted it to be dyed black.

Step 2. This is the shop of the dyer. Yes seriously, this is all that he needs. And he can dye your piece of cloth into ANY colour!!!

Step 3: He prepared a dark black colour. The water is very hot, by the way.

Steps 4 & 5. The dupatta is dipped in the hot water and literally cooked in it till it acquires the desired colour.

Step 6: Voila! My black chanderi dupatta is ready!!! Did you notice how the zari work did not turn black, and retained its golden hue. Just brilliant, I say!

5. Finally, the cold in Delhi has subsided a bit, and my teeth don’t chatter that much. The sun’s going back to it’s scorching self, and I’m going to back my favourite drink – lemonade or shikanji as we call it here! Cheers!!!

Anyone up for some lemonade?

Anyone up for some lemonade?

Have a great week everyone!!!



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