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#BangBang and those green eyes! #Review

#Bollywood makes two kinds of films – one that have a definitive script, a well-thought of cast, a small budget, but a great final product. The others have superstars. Bang Bang belongs to the second category. When you have a star like Hrithik Roshan, do you really need a tight script? The makers certainly don’t think so, and neither does a large section of the Indian audience.



It was probably difficult for Siddharth Anand to find a suitable role for Hrithik – and that’s why he made him Rajveer, an “international criminal”, very smooth, charming, sleek. Rajveer steals the Kohinoor from London for notorious terrorist Omar Zafar. When he doesn’t return the diamond to Zafar’s men, a wild chase starts – which begins in Shimla and takes us to Prague, Greece and Abu Dhabi. Katrina Kaif as the naive bank receptionist Harleen, acts as Rajveer’s love interest and also provides some comic relief.

Much of the film is a lot of #BangBang with bullets flying like cats and dogs, but after a series of long chases and trigger happy goons (and cops alike), the truth behind Rajveer comes out and he is able to make that journey home that he always longed for.

The movie has been panned by a lot of people, but I enjoyed it. Here’s what I loved:

1. Hrithik! Don’t need more reasons to step inside a theatre – such chiselled good looks, and those green eyes – convey so much. In spite of having a brain surgery and going through a rough patch in his personal life, Hrithik is like a shining star in this one.

2. The locales – Snow-covered scenic Shimla, posh London, breathtaking Prague, jaw-dropping Greece, awe-inspiring Abu Dhabi…the cinematography is a treat for the eyes, even as the lead pair dodge bullets and thugs. Just beautiful.

3. Song-n-dance: Hrithik can dance. And how! The words that came to my mind – fluid, electrifying, riveting. Loved all the songs, and can watch the movie again only for Hrithik’s moves. Do watch his tribute to Michael Jackson in the song below, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So yes, the film is flawed at many levels and the story line has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Katrina is pretty but it’s getting very difficult for her to play the young, babe in the woods as she looked so much older. Also, her chemistry with Hrithik made us wish we were watching Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, where it was crackling. However, in all fairness, she was ok.

#Bang Bang is for those weekends, where after a rather rough week, you wish to be transported to a world that has no connection with reality. A world of good looks, beautiful places, and some awesome dance moves. For any other reason, please watch #Haider.


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